Best Educational Destinations For the Roadschooling Family

Road schooling destinations for the RVing family: Learning on the road

For those not familiar with the concept of roadschooling, prepare to discover the educational experience you wish you’d had. Roadschooling is basically the practice of fusing the fundamental components of conventional schooling with the freedom of homeschooling, and bringing it to the learning-rich environment of the open road! While it falls under the same guidelines as homeschooling, roadschooling incorporates many more opportunities for hands-on learning which helps develop practical life skills based on the child’s natural curiosities and individual interests. If you’re interested in expanding the scope of your child’s education, start packing the RV and planning your field trip! Here are some of the best educational destinations for the roadschooling family!

History Class | Philadelphia, PA

For a site rich with historical heritage, no destination compares to Philadelphia! As the birthplace of our nation, this charming eastern city is home to an abundance of American Revolutionary attractions.

  • The Betsy Ross House—Learn more about the famous seamstress credited with stitching the first American flag
  • Independence Hall—Tour the site where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the United States Constitution was created
  • Liberty Bell Center—View the iconic fractured bronze bell that stands out as one of the most recognizable symbols of American freedom
  • Valley Forge National Historical Park—As the headquarters of the continental army during the Revolutionary War, this site offers wonderful guided tours and historical reenactments
History class while on the road in Philadelphia, PA

Science Class | Chicago, IL

The bustling and busy city of Chicago is an excellent stop for an unbeatable science-learning session! With an array of museums spanning a variety of topics, you won’t have any issues finding educational sites in this metropolis.

  • The Field Museum—This massive natural history museum is packed with educational exhibits, ancient attractions, and anthropological collections
  • The Museum Of Science and Industry—With plenty of interactive displays and exhibits that bring science to life, little learners will love this educational attraction
  • Shedd Aquarium—As the largest indoor aquarium in the world, visitors can learn about aquatic conservation and view a variety of marine-dwelling animals
  • Adler Planetarium—Discover the cosmic wonders of the solar system with daily presentations, and view celestial objects at the Doane Observatory
Science class while on the road in Chicago, IL

English Class | Austin, TX

For a bookworm’s paradise, look no further than Austin, Texas! Have your little learners pick up some new literature for the road at the renowned bookstores, and view some of the county’s best literary collections!

  • BookPeople—With two stories filled with books of varying genres for as far as the eye can see, make sure you leave plenty of time to peruse and browse the shelves
  • Texas Book FestivalMeet award-winning authors at this annual event which is one of the most prestigious literary festivals in the country
  • Harry Ransom CenterListen to public readings, view literary collections, and gain unprecedented insights into a writer’s creative process
  • Yard Dog—Get some creative inspiration at this eccentric gallery and write some new content based on the local art on display
English class while on the road in Austin, TX

Geology Class | Marble Canyon, AZ

With colorful rock formations, expansive canyons, and beautiful boulder-strewn slopes, Marble Canyon, Arizona, is the perfect site for rock hounds, topography enthusiasts, and young earth science aficionados who are eager to learn!

  • The Wave—In offering unique cross-section views of Jurassic-age rock, visitors will get a hands-on look at grain flow, fossilization, and the effects of erosion
  • Antelope Canyon—Hike through smoothed amber and bronze sandstone walls polished by decades of rainwater and brightened with shafts of sun beams overhead
  • Grand Canyon—As an iconic natural attraction that needs no introduction, this site is a must-see for any basic geological lesson
  • Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness—Explore massive amphitheaters of red rock, jaw-dropping sandstone arches, and winding corridors of shale and limestone
Geology class while on the road in Marble Canyon, AZ

Now that you’ve got some great ideas for educational destinations, who’s ready to learn? Pack up the RV and get ready for a roadschooling adventure that leaves your family with fun memories, practical knowledge, and an unparalleled learning experience!

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