How To Use a CB Radio In Your RV

Technology has come a long way, but what’s wrong with kicking it old school sometimes? Citizens band radios (a.k.a. CB radios) have been around since the mid 1940s, but they’re still useful to this day! Sure, not as many people … Continued

The Ultimate Stain Removal Cheat Sheet!

Messes happen. When you’re camping, that fact is true tenfold! Instead of trying to control both the landscape around you and basic human nature, check out this ultimate stain removal cheat sheet! We’ve included common messes you’ll more than likely … Continued

Winter Camping and Outdoor Gear Checklist

When the weather’s warm you can relax in the sun with nothing but a bathing suit and carefree bare feet, but when the weather’s cold your outdoor preparation requires a bit more forethought. Winter camping has its benefits, like stunning … Continued

DIY RV Kitchen: Make Your Own Fruit Hammock

Tired of your RV kitchen looking like a successful game of Fruit Ninja? Stop your fruit and produce from rolling all over your RV’s kitchen and fashion some of these super easy DIY fruit hammocks! These neat organizational additions are … Continued

Differences Between 12V and 6V Batteries

Parallel, series, alone, etc! There are a lot of different ways to configure your battery system and figuring out how you want to hook them up often brings about this question: What are the differences between 12V and 6V batteries? Here’s … Continued