DIY Ideas To Boost the Aesthetics Of RV Storage

White jars

The downfall of RVs is that they come already decorated, so essentially what you see is what you get. Some models stay pretty true to modern decor, while others sacrifice style in order to keep prices lower. And when it comes to some storage products, well, let’s just say they don’t do a lot to help with the decor, especially in an RV. Forget drab RVs; it’s time for a DIY makeover! Check out these easy DIY ideas to boost the aesthetics of RV storage to take your space from blah to beautiful!

Handy Ottoman

Looking for something both stylish and functional? Add an ottoman to your living area setup! It’s especially great if you have a sofa that doesn’t come with footrests, which most do not. You can kick your feet up and relax, and also store extra items easily!

Leather Ottoman

Stylish Trunk

To store more, add a decorative trunk to your living space! They can be super stylish and eclectic, ranging in styles from vintage to modern! You could even use one as a coffee table of sorts, if you have the extra room in your living area! Just one thing to be careful of is to avoid trunks that are extremely heavy. You don’t want to overburden your RV, which can cause some serious damage.

Old chest trunk

Coordinating Canisters

A quick, easy, and aesthetically-pleasing way to add some storage space to your RV is by adding some decorative canisters to countertop spaces. This works well for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other places with a flat surface! They’re perfect for loose food items, things like cotton balls and Q-tips, or even loose change! Get canisters that go with your decorating style for a unified look. Can’t find the style you want? Decoupage plain canisters for the exact patterns you were looking for!

White spice jars and basket of fruit

Funky Spice Storage

Tired of your spices getting jumbled around inside the cupboards? This is the perfect DIY solution! Decorate a cookie sheet with paint, fabric, or whatever covering you’d like. Add magnets to the bottom of spice jars and voila! Easy, decorative storage!

Spice containers

Eclectic Shelf Storage

One of the most fun and functional ways to make storage easier in your RV is to add some neat, unique shelving! Hit up your local antiques mall, Goodwill, or even your local craft store. If you want to stay true to your DIY theme, repurpose these shelves, or purchase one that you can decorate yourself! If you’re super crafty, build your own shelves for a one-of-a-kind look!

Shoes in cubbies

Shoe and Boot Station

For a modern way to keep your RV clean while adding some sophistication to your space, make your own pebble shoe and boot station! Just take a new or used boot tray, fill it with rocks or pebbles from the dollar or craft store, and there you have it! This will help to keep your shoes and boots organized while looking effortlessly elegant!

Boots on a rubber mat

Plastic Silverware Holder

If you’re sick and tired of trying to keep plastic utensils organized and want to keep them accessible to make them easy to take outside, make your own utensil holder! Use an empty six-pack box and cover it with scrapbook paper or whatever you’d like. Done! Wasn’t that SO incredibly easy? Now you have something to easily transport utensils and condiments outside! If you’re feeling particularly colorful, choose colored plastic silverware to match your utensil holder!

Plastic silverware

Colored Totes and Shelves

Who says exterior storage has to be drab? Liven up the aesthetics of your exterior RV storage with fun colored totes and boxes! Sure, you won’t be able to see these all the time, but it’ll be a nice splash of color when you go to unload your RV, and they’ll also help to keep your storage compartments from getting chaotic and cluttered. Use colored drawer carts, like this Seville Classics cart, to keep items organized both inside and out!

Colored Storage Trays

This is just the tip of the iceberg for DIY ideas that boost the aesthetics of RV storage! There are so many little things you can do to store items easily while maintaining your particular sense of style. Now you can appreciate the look of your RV and stay perfectly organized! If DIY isn’t really your thing, Motorhomes 2 Go offers a fantastic selection of new and used motorhomes with mind-blowing amounts of storage inside and out! Come on down and browse our huge inventory of RVs for sale in Grand Rapids, or shop online! Either way, you’ll save $1000s on the motorhome of your dreams! What other handy DIY ideas do you have to boost the aesthetic of RV storage? Leave us a comment and share your neat ideas with us!

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