Frighteningly Fun Halloween RV Decorations

halloween decoration fun

As the warm weather comes to an end, Halloween is the perfect occasion to pull out all the stops and close out the RVing season with a BOO! Whether you want your campsite covered in stomach-churning gore or jolly jack-o-lantern fun, there are plenty of cheap and easy solutions that can transform your traditional RV into a scene that fills the campground with ghastly delight! If you need some inspiration, check out these fun Halloween RV decorations that are sure to get you in the mood for an unforgettable All Hallow’s Eve!

Spooky Milk Jugs

spooky milk jugs

Put those empty milk jugs to good use! First, you’ll want to draw a frightening face on the front of each one of your jugs. Make sure to color your faces in completely with a black sharpie marker. Next, you’ll need to cut a small hole in the lower backside of each jug. Take a string of lights and stuff several bulbs into the holes of your lined-up jugs. Use your glowing, ghostly jugs to light up the walkway to your RV!

Franken-Fifth-Wheel Face

Convert the front wall above your fifth wheel’s pin box into the face of Frankenstein! To do so you’ll need to secure a green plastic table cover to the front wall of your trailer. Then, using construction paper and sharpie markers, craft large eyeballs, teeth, and a strip of black hair. Complete your Frankenstein by drawing on a thick string of surgical sutures!

Easy-To-Make Evil Eyes

glow sticks for evil eyes

If you have foliage or trees around your RV, this simple DIY project will be the perfect way to add an extra layer of terror to your campsite. To make, you’ll first need to gather a decent collection of emptied toilet paper rolls. Start by outlining eyes of differing shapes and sizes onto your tubes. Next, carefully cut out the eyes. Crack a glow stick and insert one into each of your toilet paper tubes. Cover the ends with duct tape to hold the glow sticks inside. Lastly, place the tubes in the bushes and up in the branches of trees where they will keep a warring and watchful eye on campers!

Chilling-To-The-Bone Cooler Ideas

glowing green cooler

Give your campsite cooler a haunting glow by putting green glow sticks inside. Not only will doing so light up the inside so you can see what drink you’re grabbing, but it will also add to the haunting ambiance of your overall campsite. If you want to ditch the cooler all together, just cut a pumpkin in half and hollow it out. Then fill it with ice and stick your beverages inside. Not only will this idea keep your drinks chilled, but it also makes for a charming picnic table centerpiece!

PVC Skeleton Campers

pvc pipe skeletons

Using inexpensive PVC pipe and fittings, you can easily make your own life-sized skeleton. Piece together piping and joints to create the bones that make up the spine, ribs, arms, and legs of your skeleton. To make the head, draw a face onto an emptied bleach container before securing it onto the body. You can cut out the hands and feet using the plastic from a used milk jug. Create a whole family of boney friends and seat them around your campfire for an amusing addition that is sure to catch the attention of visiting trick-or-treaters.

RV-Inspired Pumpkin Carving

RV enthusiasts will love this adorable pumpkin carving idea that is sure to enhance the holiday charm of your campsite this Halloween. To make, you’ll need to select two pumpkins (one which is round and another which is oblong and slightly larger than the first). Your round pumpkin will represent the tow vehicle, so it will need to have a windshield cut out along with driver and passenger doors. Your oblong pumpkin will be the RV. Tip it sideways so that the stem acts as the ‘hitch’ of the rig. Cut out an entry door and windows mimicking the look of your actual RV. Cut off the bottoms of small gourds to create the wheels. Using toothpicks, attach four gourd tires to your tow vehicle and two to your camper! Then set out your RV jack-o-lantern in a visible spot for all the campground to see!

rv pumpkin carving

Halloween is meant to be a frightfully fun time, so don’t be the RVers who celebrate with a barren campsite this season! Try out some of these fun Halloween RV decorations or come up with your own. Remember, the spookier the better! And don’t forget to share pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see how your decorations turned out!

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