Get a Great Workout Right at Your Campsite

Wilderness fitness - Woman in workout clothes with arms raised in forest

Camping is a great way to work out your body just with the activities involved. Hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking and activities like these are all great for you. But what if you want more? Or what if you want to spend your time just relaxing at the site but still get in a little work out? Get a great workout right at your campsite with these moves! Start out with 3 sets of 10 of each, and then adjust for your skill level!


woman doing a squat in the park

Squats can be done anywhere and are great for your legs or glutes! You can use your camp chairs or picnic table as a guide to how low to go. To perform these, just stand in front of your chair or picnic table bench facing away from it. With your feet hip width apart and keeping your knees above your ankles, squat down. Dip down to almost where you will sit in the chair or bench and then come back up!

Rubber Band Rows

woman doing rubber band rows at park

If you have a workout band, then you can do rows with it. These will work your back and arms! All you have to do is wrap the band around a tree or picnic table. Facing your anchor point, pull the handles toward you. Ensure you have the band anchored lower so you’re pulling up and back at the same time, leading with your elbows.

Milk Jug Curls

little girl lifting a milk jug

Not a lot of us want to bring along a set of weights while we’re camping. You can make your own using milk jugs. These are great because you can adjust the amount of weight easily by adding or removing liquid. If you really want them heavy, fill them with rocks. Holding the jug in your hand in front of you, curl it up to your chest, making sure to stand straight. Don’t let your shoulders or elbows drift forward. You also want to make sure you keep your elbows pulled in as you perform the movement. After you do a few you can break up the movement by pausing for a few seconds about half way up.


woman planking on the beach

Planking is great for the entire body! Not only does it work your abs, but if you do it the right way you can activate your hamstrings and glutes, as well as you arms and back! To perform a plank you start by laying on the ground on your stomach. With your elbows below your shoulders and your hands clasped, bring yourself up on your elbows and toes, keeping your body straight. Hold this pose for as long as you wish.

Pull Ups

two women doing pull ups

Get ready to work your arms, back, and shoulders! Find a tree at the campsite that has a branch about a foot taller than you. Use this branch to pull yourself up to perform pullups. If you can’t find a tree with an adequate branch but the campground has a playground, you can do them on the monkey bars!


mother and daughter doing pushups outside

Pushups are versatile and great for you! There’s so much you can do to change them up! Use the picnic table bench to put your hands on for an inclined pushup. If you want to make it even harder, put your feet on the bench and your hands down on the ground for a declined pushup! Make sure you’ve got a good foundation below you. You wouldn’t want to fall on your face due to shifting sand or something!

Tricep Dips

woman doing an arm dip on a park bench

To work the back of your arms you can use your camp chairs! All you have to do is stand in front of your chair with your back to it. Rest your palms on the seat and wrap your fingers around the edge. Extend your legs in front of you to put your weight on your hand. Lower yourself down and then back up using only the strength of your arms.

Bottoms Up

woman doing leg lift on park bench

To work your lower half you can use your chair yet again! Turn around and face the chair this time, with your palms resting on the seat. Keeping your torso even with the ground, extend your feet back behind you. Gradually lift one leg up and outward until it it’s paralleled with your body, alternate legs back and forth. Ensure you keep your tummy tucked to protect your back and don’t let your body rock with the motion.

High Plank Roll

woman doing lifted pushup in woods

Get your hands on the soccer, volley, or basketball you brought with you for this one! Get into pushup position with your hands shoulder width apart. Instead of having your toes on the ground, put the ball under your shins just below your knees. Slowly bring your knees up under your hips, rolling the ball down to your ankles and then return back to your starting position. Start out slowly with this one! It’ll take some practice to get the balance right!

Getting in a workout isn’t hard when you get creative. Just because you don’t have a gym doesn’t mean your muscles have to suffer! Get out in the fresh air and give your body what it needs to keep up the energy for your camp activities.

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