Hit Up the West and Check Out the Winter X Games!

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Held every year, the Winter X Games is returning yet again to beautiful Aspen, Colorado, in 2017! Gear up for extreme winter sports, great music, delicious food, and so much more January 26–29! Jam packed with extreme skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and more, and easier to attend than the winter Olympics, you’ll find all kinds of fun here! So hit up the west and check out the Winter X Games this year!

X Games History

Beginning in 1995, the X Games was created by ESPN to showcase the abilities of many athletes. It started out with warm weather sports, but by 1997 they had expanded to include winter sports as well! Today you’ll find segments of each during the year at different locations so you can get a glimpse of these extreme sports and maybe even get in on the action yourself! You don’t have to be Tony Hawk to hop on a snowboard and show off your skills! All you have to do is meet the criteria of the selection committee to earn your spot in the spotlight.

The Events You’ll See

There are a lot of events at each of the X Games competitions, and the winter games are no exception! You can watch all kinds of snow-themed sports that are sure to offer thrills along the way! Here is a list of just some of the events scheduled for the 2017 Winter X Games:

  • Snowboarding (Slopestyle, Big Air, & SuperPipe)
  • Snowmobile (SnoCross, Free Style, & Best Trick)
  • Skiing (Slopestyle & Big Air)
what you will see

On top of all the sporting events, you can expect to find concerts as well! The Winter X Games pulls in top bands and artists to entertain you while you enjoy the games! Here’s a list of the performers for 2017:

  • Bassnectar
  • Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals
  • The Chainsmokers
  • G-Eazy

Get Your Tickets

Getting tickets to the Winter X Games is a cinch! Since the games themselves don’t require tickets, really what you’re aiming for are the extras when you purchase them. Take a look at the different packages to see which one is going to best meet your needs!

X Games Aspen Travel Package with 4-Day Platinum Tower Pass

The Travel Package with Platinum Tower pass is the elite pass for the Winter X Games. The 4-day pass covers you for the entire event and puts you at the best location to see all the action! They set up a tower at the base of the SuperPipe where you have a great view as well as access to food, complimentary beer and wine, and you get a limited-edition merchandise item! On top of all this, you will also receive the opportunity to meet the athletes, get a private tour, have your photo taken on the SuperPipe, and get preferred access to all the concerts! This travel package also puts you up at a luxury hotel!


4-Day Platinum Tower Pass

The 4-day Platinum Tower Pass offers all the great things you’ll find in the Travel Package, minus the hotel stay! So if you have somewhere to stay, say your RV, you can skip the added cost of a room!

4 day platinum tower pass

Single-Day Platinum Tower Pass

The Single-Day Pass offers all the great benefits of the 4-day pass but, obviously, for a single day. So if you can’t go for the entire 4 days of this amazing event, you can still get these privileges for the day(s) you can go! All you have to do is buy a single-day pass for each day you plan to attend!

Just The Music

If you’re not interested in sitting in the tower, you can still get passes to just the music shows! There are two different ways you can go about it! You can purchase a pass that gets you into all the shows, or pick and choose which ones you want to see!

These shows will vary from year to year so see the X Games main page for ticket and show information.

music tickets

Get out there and have fun! While there aren’t really an abundance of winter campgrounds in the area, you can always check out the BLM website and see what kind of boondocking opportunities they have! Just be sure to prep your rig before you head out!

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