How To Host A Holiday Dinner In Your RV

Here's how to host a Holiday dinner party in your RV.

Most people might assume that it’s completely out of the question to host dinner parties or holiday gatherings after you’ve packed up your belongings and moved into an RV, but we’re not so quick to write off the possibility of throwing an awesome small-space celebration inside your little mobile abode! While it may seem like a recipe for cramped conversations and claustrophobic dinner guests, we’re here to prove that intimate spaces actually enhance social gatherings! So as the holiday season comes upon us, we’ve got some tips and tricks for how to host a holiday dinner in your RV. Check them out and celebrate the holidays at your place this year!

Rearrange the Room

Rearrange the rooms in your RV to create space.

You might find that your current setup isn’t really conducive to hosting a holiday party, and that’s okay! A little reconfiguring can go a long way! Take out needless furniture and add anything that provides more functionality to the space. For example, if you’ve got freestanding dinette chairs, consider swapping them out for a piano bench in order to fit more people around the table. Cover a wooden board with a decorative table cloth and place it on your ottoman to give guests a place to set their drinks as they eat on the sofa. Grab that vanity stool from the bathroom and set it out to expand your seating options. Don’t be afraid to get creative and work with what you’ve got.

Work Out the Logistics

Work out the logistics for where guests will place their things.

Your guests are going to show up and look for a place to put their coats, shoes, and purses. You need to prepare for this. Clear out a wardrobe by putting its contents in the basement storage and designate the emptied space for guest’s belongings. You can also direct your attendees to toss their jackets and gear on your bed, since this space will most likely go unused during the party anyways. You should also be prepared for some guests to show up with a dish or bottle of wine to share. Save room for these extra additions or you’ll be regretting it later when you’re double fisting bottles of Chardonnay while searching for some empty countertop space.

Decorate In Moderation

Decorate in moderation and keep it simple to save space.

When you’re working with a limited amount of space, you don’t want to clutter it up with festive knick-knacks and seasonal trinkets. Instead, use subtle hints of the holidays to reinforce a sense of merriment. For example, use the foods you make and the games you play to incorporate your theme into the space. Invite your guests to wear holiday sweaters or string up colorful lights on the walls to add an out-of-the-way ambiance. No matter how adorable or seasonally appropriate that bulky centerpiece is, it’s probably not a good use of your limited surface space. Decorate tastefully, not ostentatiously.

Keep It Comfortable

Keep it comfortable and open up a window or two to keep the air flow going in your RV.

Stay aware of the temperature once your party gets underway. When lots of people are gathered in one small space, a lot of heat gets generated. Even if there is snow on the ground outside, you might find that your RV becomes uncomfortably hot once your guests start to mingle inside. Don’t hesitate to crack a window or turn on an overhead fan if it feels like it’s getting stuffy.

Adapt To Fit Your Needs

Adapt to fit your needs – use the sink as a drink cooler even!

You might find that with all the holiday dishes and desserts crowding your RV’s refrigerator, there just isn’t any space left over to put the drinks. A simple solution is to fill your sink with ice to create an easy-to-access cooler for bottles of wine and beverages. This is especially ideal for those that have a double-basin sink. Not only will your drinks be on display and quick to grab, but you’ll also preserve room in your refrigerator to put leftovers after you’ve eaten.

Create Functional Flow

Create functional flow and spread the food and drinks out to avoid a clutter of people in one small space in your RV.

Don’t centralize everything into one spot. If all your food is focused into a single area of your RV, you are practically inviting guests to congregate into an unpleasantly-close cluster. Try to space out your foods by putting desserts in one area, drinks in another, and appetizers somewhere else. Doing so will create a moving flow so people don’t become stagnant or trapped into one location.

Have you ever hosted a dinner party or holiday gathering in your RV? What tips or tricks did you learn from the experience? Share them by leaving a comment!

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