Magnets: RV Organization Hacks

Magnets- RV Organization Hacks

RVers are always looking for new ways to make the most of their limited space and as a result, new ideas are always being generated on how to organize most effectively and creatively for small-space living. Magnets can be a great tool to use when trying to make your RV as functional and clutter-free as possible. Check out these RV organization hacks and learn how to use magnets to make the most of your space!


Concealed Cutting Board

Attach rare earth magnets, which are typically thin in size, to a cutting board. Beneath one of your cabinets mount a sheet of metal. You can now store your cutting board beneath your cabinet in a place that is easily accessible, yet tucked out of sight!

knifes magnet wall

Space-Saving Strips

A magnetic strip can do wonders for organizing a small space. You can mount a magnetic strip in your kitchen from which to hang knives and other metal utensils. Mounting a strip in your bathroom to organize bobby pins and cosmetics is also a useful hack that will help to keep those pesky hair products corralled in one spot!


Spice Up Your Space

A magnetic spice rack not only organizes your spices so you can find them conveniently when it’s time to make those signature camp meals, but it can also save you space depending on where you mount your spice rack. If you hang it on the inside of one of your cabinet doors, you create a functional and usable place in your RV that didn’t exist before!

fridge with magnets

Fridge-Front Uses

Refrigerators and magnets go hand in hand, so our hack list wouldn’t be complete without showing you some crafty ways to use your fridge-front real estate! Cut the top area off a cereal box and cover it with fabric or decorative paper. Then use magnets to hang it from your fridge and store your important papers or mail inside! You can also attach magnets to your aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes to mount them on the side of your fridge for ultra-easy accessibility.


On-Hand Towel Trick

Stop throwing your kitchen towels off to the side and keep track of them with this easy DIY organization hack! Just place a magnet in the corner of your towel and fold it so it stays in place. Then secure it with a rubber band! Now you can stick your towels to your fridge or oven front so you won’t ever lose sight of them. You can also glue magnets or use Sugru for a more permanent attachment.

Kiddie Cups

Keep Track of Kiddie Cups

If you’re traveling with little campers, this trick will come in handy! Glue magnets to the sides of your kid’s plastic cups, that way they can store them on the front of the fridge for when they get thirsty. This will help them keep track of their cup so they don’t dirty up more than they need to, and you can spend more time enjoying the RV lifestyle and less time doing dishes!


Magnets can be used for more than just hanging up artwork and report cards on the refrigerator, they can be tools to make your RVing lifestyle more functional, organized, and enjoyable! Try out some of these tricks and let us know how they work for you. If you know of a magnet organization hack that we missed, let us know in the comments!

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