RV Tips: 4 Ways to Maximize Fuel Efficiency

Traveling to the campground doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you know how to save on fuel expenses while towing an RV. These RV tips for fuel efficiency are perfect for towable RVs and motorhomes alike. Learn more below.

gas gauge

Start and Stop Slowly

One of the best ways to save fuel, whether you’re towing a vehicle or driving your motorhome, is to practice starting and stopping slowly. Accelerating too quickly makes the engine work harder than needed, and it doesn’t save you any real time on the road.

Avoid High-Traffic Areas

Next, you will want to avoid any high-traffic areas or big cities during rush hour. Sitting in traffic with an RV in tow is not only uncomfortable and nerve-racking. It also wastes a lot of fuel.

Plan Your Route

In addition to avoiding high-traffic areas, try to plan out your route ahead of time. This will help you to know alternate routes to take if you notice traffic is increasing. Additionally, this can help you to find cool places to stop for lunches or to stretch your legs.


Pack Light

Lastly, you can save fuel on your RVing adventure by packing light and only taking what you need. You can also lighten your load by choosing RV-friendly cups, plates, and other essentials for your RV.

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