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Initially, the idea of RVing full time might sound too challenging, unrealistic, or just down-right impossible. It’s not a simple transition to go from a 2,400- square foot fixed house to a 400-square foot home on wheels, but it is a rewarding change that is absolutely possible. If you are considering RVing full time, this could be the start of a new, thrilling journey that completely shifts how you see and experience the world. And i’ts not just an endeavor taken on by empty nesters and retirees. Full-time RVers range from college graduates creatively tackling student debt to families hoping to give their kids the childhoods they’ve always dreamed of having. No matter what interests you about RVing full time, it is a lifestyle that is likely to reward you in ways you’ve never even considered.

Planning and Preparation

Condensing your stuff for tiny living

There is a lot to consider before you start RVing full time, but once you commit to your decision, the answers will begin falling into place. The first challenge when thinking about RVing full time is likely going to be what you should do with all your stuff. Take this opportunity to simplify your life. Have a look at what you own and honestly ask yourself Do I really need this? Critically question when you will use it, how often, and if it is truly necessary. Now only you know the sentimental or monetary value of your belongings, so you need to decide for yourself what stays and what goes. Downsizing can be an extremely liberating experience, and once you start to let go of more stuff, you are likely going to be tempted to keep lightening your load. Selling your old belongings can also be a great way to get some extra funds before you begin your new adventure.

How to Support Yourself Financially

Financial Support

RVing full time can be a great way to pay off debt and save money on expenses. With that being said, it is also really easy to lose money RVing full time if you are staying at the top-of-the-line RV parks, eating out all the time, and not paying attention to your budget. Over the years, full-time RVers have funded their travels in a variety of different ways. With the invention of the Internet, more full-time RVers are working remotely, needing nothing but Wi-Fi access. A growing number of jobs allow employees to work from the convenience of their own laptops, and this can be a great option for making a steady flow of income while living life on the road. Others have found success starting their own Etsy business or taking on odd jobs along their way.

There are also lots of ways to camp for free, allowing you to maximize the financial benefits of living in an RV. During travel, you can also save yourself money by utilizing locations like Walmart or truck stops to park for free overnight. Cabela’s actually has designated RV spots in their parking lots, which include dump stations and fresh water, free of charge. Some locations even have dog kennels so you can shop while your pet is occupied

Tips From Full-Time RVers


Bigger Isn’t Always Better: It might seem like getting a giant rig is the smartest option if you are going to attempt to live in it full time, but that thought process can be deceiving. Remember that smaller RVs are going to give you more options for where you can park them. Aside from easier maneuvering, smaller units are going to make boondocking easier and more viable.

Take Your Time: In the beginning, you might feel the itch to keep moving from place to place because of your newfound mobility. But one of the biggest joys about RVing full time is that you don’t have to cram your adventure into a week or two of vacation time, so don’t rush. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to explore new spots, discover local gems, and meet interesting people. You are also likely to save yourself some money if you aren’t constantly on the move from one destination to the next.

Follow the Weather: Being able to follow the weather is one of the main perks of being so mobile. Keep the sunshine in mind when you are planning your routes, and your travels will be all the more pleasurable because of it.

Don’t Get Intimidated: Don’t let the idea of full-time RVing intimidate you. The costs are manageable and the lifestyle has so many rewards that will outweigh whatever challenges you are weary of. Remember that there are lots of resources out there to help you, and plenty of fellow full-timers who are eager to unleash their wisdom and guidance.

Benefits of RVing Full Time

Connect with Nature

Flexibility: Being able to travel wherever you please affords you a lot of flexibility in your life. Stay connected with friends across the continent or spontaneously take a week to explore your dream destination. Living in an RV gives you the versatility and freedom to take on new goals and aspire to new heights.

Valuable Experiences: Even the difficulties of living in an RV can be beneficial. Solving problems and taking on new challenges allows you to surprise yourself with what you are capable of. Along with an increased sense of independence and self-sufficiency, RVing full time will most likely boost your self confidence and expand what you though was possible for yourself.

Reconnect with Nature: When you live in a big house, you are encouraged to spend time inside that house. But when you live in an RV, you are encouraged to spend time outside. The RVing lifestyle and the outdoor lifestyle go hand in hand, so it can be a great method for reconnecting with Mother Nature and all the wonders she has to offer.

See More of the World for Less:
In combination with the financial benefits of living in an RV, you are also given the opportunity to explore more of the world. Full-time RVers wake up to changing horizons while avoiding pricey traditional travel expenses.

Teaches Cleanliness and Organization:
When you live in such a compact space, you can’t afford to have clutter or mess. Full-time RVing teaches you how to keep your space clean and organized. Check out our helpful Bathroom Organizational Hacks.

Meet Cool People: Living in an RV is a great conversation starter. When you’re on the road, you are going to constantly see new faces and meet like-minded people who are also living life in unconventional ways. Full-time RVers are a sort of underground network of nomads who are eager to meet and engage with you!

Whether you are hesitant to consider full-time RVing or eager to take on this thrilling endeavor, the challenges you may face will pale in comparison to the rewards you will receive. RVing full time may not be the right lifestyle choice for everybody, but it certainly is an adventurous one that can dramatically improve the way you see and interact with the world.

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