Spooky Roadtrips For Halloween


Halloween is on the way, and with it comes countless fun and spooky activities! If hayrides and picking apples sound a little too vanilla for your tastes, or you’re just looking for some thrilling Halloween fun, hit the road! Michigan holds some amazingly spooky attractions and seemingly haunted spots that are sure to make your hair stand on end! Time to look up all those urban legends and see if there is any truth to them! Here are some great spots to check out for the best spooky roadtrips for Halloween!

Grand Rapids

The Haunt


Rich in history, the Grand Rapids area holds a wealth of spooky thrills that won’t disappoint! With one of the best seasonal haunted houses in the state, The Haunt, just a short drive away in nearby Walker, features three different sections of scream-inducing haunted attractions that you won’t want to miss! The theme changes each year, so you can have a new scary experience every time you visit!

Guided Tours

For some genuinely frightening encounters, you can go on a guided tour of various locations around Grand Rapids where ghost sightings and other paranormal activities have been recorded! Some stops may include the Masonic Temple, Saint Cecilia’s church, and the historic Wealthy Theater!

The Ada Witch


If you’re really brave, you can head out to Ada, where the purported Ada Witch haunts the Findlay Cemetery and surrounding roads! Over 150 years of sightings have kept this legend alive, alleging that a lady in a flowing white or blue dress wanders the area. It is said that an adulterous woman was discovered by her husband, who killed her when found with her lover. Be sure to keep an eye out on the roads surrounding the cemetery!


For comfortable camping accommodations that put you near the halloween fun of Grand Rapids, the Allendale/West Grand Rapids KOA is great! A clean and secluded campground keeps you comfortable without all the hustle and bustle of the city! With electric, a dog park, and firewood available, you’ll be set for a nice Halloween camping retreat! Reservations can be made on their website!

Detroit Area

The Whitney


The greater Detroit area and outlying cities provide chilling places for you to explore! Start your evening at The Whitney, a gorgeous mansion-turned-restaurant originally built between 1890 and 1894 for successful lumber baron David Whitney Jr. The family lived in the house for many years, where Mr. Whitney, and possibly his wife, died in the home. The mansion was later used as a tuberculosis ward, where some patients may have died and never left! Many spooky encounters have been reported, especially from restaurant staff. Be on the lookout during dinner!


As possibly the most spectacular haunted house in the state, Erebus is an experience you won’t want to miss! Located just over half an hour north of Detroit in Pontiac, this four-story attraction is intense, with amazing special effects that will make your hair stand on end! This awesome haunted house is definitely worth the trip!

Fort Wayne


Though this fort has a rich history of its own, it also holds a more spiritual significance! It is said that the fort was built on a Native American burial mound, explaining why ghostly apparitions and strange occurrences have been recorded since the days of the fort’s original inhabitants!


Just outside the city life of the metro area is Haas Lake Park, which sits on a nice lake for a relaxing getaway! With 494 sites, many with full hookups, you’ll stay comfortably! With free wireless internet, clean restrooms, laundry facilities, and more, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after the frights of the night! Make your reservation on their website here!

Northern Michigan

Traverse City State Hospital


Despite a remodel in the early 2000s, this historical area still holds the spirits of those who were held at the hospital. Once an insane asylum, this hospital held patients that were not always treated in the best manner. It is believed that these spirits still roam the halls today, with shadows visible in the windows and lights flickering despite having no power. Though part of the grounds have been renovated into a shopping and dining center, you can still go on a guided tour of the grounds to explore the abandoned buildings and the creepy underground tunnels beneath the grounds!

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

Legend has it that the screams of the ghost of a woman who was locked in the tower years ago can still be heard in this spooky old lighthouse. Even more shocking is the ghost of former keeper George Parris, who tended the lighthouse in the 1990s and passed away from a heart attack. Lights turn on even though the wiring has been disconnected, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of his shadowy figure lurking around! Located in Presque Isle, this lighthouse is open to the public mid-May through mid-October!

Pere Cheney


A hidden secret hides in the secluded woods near Grayling! Pere Cheney was once a thriving lumbering town until multiple bouts of diphtheria and other diseases ravaged the population, which lead to it being abandoned in 1912. All that remains is a cemetery, along with playful spirits that are reported to still wander the woods. Some have claimed to hear children’s laughter in the woods, and many return from the site to find a child-sized handprint on the sides of their cars. This area is extra spooky and secluded in the woods, adding to the haunting history of the area!


Suitable for families, Jellystone Park of Grayling is highly rated and comfortable, making it a great option to stay at for spooky adventures up north! It is a nice central location in the center of the three spooky sites listed above, and its pleasant atmosphere could offset any scary feelings you might have from your adventures! Full hookups are available, as well as comfort stations, clean bathhouses, and a variety of fun activities! Make your reservations online here! Each of these areas have more great haunted houses and interesting places to visit, making them the perfect destinations for spooky roadtrips for Halloween! Even if you don’t like adventuring out into the night in search of spirits, haunted houses are fun and some are even suitable for young people! Get out there, and try not to get too spooked! What is your favorite haunted house or scary spot? Comment to share!

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