Top Five Things To Expect At An RV Rally

Imagine thousands of fellow RVers gathered in one place for a few days of fun and activities. Welcome to your first RV Rally!

Rule #1: There is no way to know exactly what to expect, unless you’ve seen the schedule of events. Even then, be ready for just about anything. Usually, local or regional events will have fewer activities, or they’ll be on a smaller scale than ones at the big national rallies.

Sounds odd, right? Why would anyone travel hundreds of miles just to park your RV and sit through a bunch of folks talking to the crowd? Turns out you can get a lot of information at a seminar. Topics can range from practical advice to travel lifestyle to open discussions on a variety of subjects. As a heads up, sometimes the presenter of a given topic or featured product is also a salesperson, and while they generally don’t try to pressure you into anything, just be aware that they might.

Speaking of sales, RV dealers and parts manufacturers are smart enough to know where potential customers congregate. Expect to see tables or displays at the very least, and a raft of gleaming new models to walk through at the larger national rallies. This aspect can actually be quite handy if you’re looking for a new accessory or pondering an upgrade.

Part of your rally fee will likely include some kind of entertainment: a show, a concert, or even just a large banquet-style meal for the whole group. After all, RV enthusiasts often gather specifically for the purposes of chatting, making new friends, watching sports, or other means of passing time socially in an enjoyable manner. Even short organized side trips to see local attractions can take place.

Admit it. Most folks who enjoy the RV lifestyle do it for the social aspect. There is just nothing better, unless you’re the super-active outdoors type, than popping the awning, throwing some food on the outdoor cooktop, setting out some comfortable chairs, and mingling amiably with anyone nearby. Rallies multiply the usual campsite crowd many times over, so it becomes the perfect time to meet someone from several states over, or perhaps a friend you’ve only spoken with online until now.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, all kinds of stuff goes on at RV rallies. There might be demonstrations on how to winterize your RV or generator maintenance, but often there are also non-RV related things like a session on crafts or sewing, or shortcuts on just about anything.

Rallies can be a huge amount of fun, with literally thousands of fellow enthusiasts coming together from around the country. Go prepared, have fun, and be ready to cut loose and enjoy the company of others for a few days. Let us know how it was in the comments below!

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