Make a Tin Can Lantern

The next time you go to throw a tin can in your recycle bin at home, don’t! Get crafty and use it to make a beautifully stunning backyard or campsite masterpiece! By using up-cycled and re-purposed tin cans (think soup, … Continued

Mitchell State Park

One of our favorite camping and wildlife getaways here in Michigan has to be Mitchell State Park. With over 300 acres and two lakes to choose from, boating and hiking options never looked so good. Located just outside Cadillac in the Lower … Continued

Interlochen State Park

Another of our favorite camping destinations here in Michigan is Interlochen State Park, located just 15 miles southwest of Traverse City, and within easy striking distance of Sleeping Bear Dunes. As you can probably tell, our home state certainly has … Continued

Cool Riddles

Feel smart? Prepare your brain for our cool riddles and see if you can out smart them! If you can’t guess the answer ask around and see if others can help you out! Have fun! Riddle 1: You use a knife … Continued

A Well-Stocked First-Aid Kit

Joe is a seasoned camper who likes to spend his time in the outdoors doing what he loves–birdwatching, hiking in the woods, and reading by the campfire. Owen is a new-ish camper who some would call “extreme.” He spends his … Continued