Top Camping Gear

When you’re off to go camping, the gear you bring can make or break your trip! Whether you’re heading out to a resort or going backwoods camping, you will want to bring along the tools that will keep you comfortable … Continued

RVing Full Time

Initially, the idea of RVing full time might sound too challenging, unrealistic, or just down-right impossible. It’s not a simple transition to go from a 2,400- square foot fixed house to a 400-square foot home on wheels, but it is … Continued

Michigan Snow Snake Ski and Resort

Snow Snake Ski and Resort located in Harrison, MI, has been in operation since 1949. Owned by the Brockway family since 1957, this winter wonderland is the perfect getaway destination if you’re eager for some fun in the snow! Snow … Continued

10 Reasons You Should Go RVing

Aaahhh, the freedom of the open road! The RVing lifestyle has so much to offer to people of all ages and stages of their lives. Baby boomers are the fastest-growing RV population, but young families are also running in droves … Continued

Ice Cream in a Bag

Have you ever wondered how to make homemade ice cream in a bag? Not only is it super quick and easy, but by making it yourself, you end up with a product that is free from artificial colors and flavors, … Continued

Best Camping Gloves

Camping involves a lot of hands-on activities that could result in sore, irritated, or injured hands. Having a good pair of gloves with you could help prevent injuries from foraging for dry firewood in wet conditions, making a tin can lantern, … Continued

Giant Jenga

Strategy, a steady hand, and some 2 x 4s are all you need for this supersized Jenga game! Use the blocks to build a tall tower, pull pieces out at the bottom one at a time without making the tower topple … Continued

Lake Gogebic State Park

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has some pretty fantastic destinations. There’s just something about this area that makes it feel different than anywhere else. One of these destinations is Lake Gogebic State Park that oozes natural beauty. The park and the surrounding area … Continued