Monsters In The Dark (Hide-n-Seek at Night)

Hide and seek is a classic game that can be fun for kids and adults! The nighttime version that we’re calling Monsters in the Dark ups the challenge for everyone involved and can even give it a fun, creepy vibe. Before … Continued

Giant Jenga

Strategy, a steady hand, and some 2 x 4s are all you need for this supersized Jenga game! Use the blocks to build a tall tower, pull pieces out at the bottom one at a time without making the tower topple … Continued

Campsite Bingo

Go back to the times when you were driving or riding in your car with family or friends and the tunes break loose. “There was a farmer who had a dog … and Bingo was his name-o!” So who doesn’t … Continued

Phase 10

If you’re looking for something to do that doesn’t require athletic ability, we’ve found it for you! You’ll need to be observant, strategic, and have a competitive nature to play Phase 10. Gather your buddies around the table with some … Continued

Cool Riddles

Feel smart? Prepare your brain for our cool riddles and see if you can out smart them! If you can’t guess the answer ask around and see if others can help you out! Have fun! Riddle 1: You use a knife … Continued

Metal Detecting

The very first metal detector was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881, however he didn’t call it a metal detector. It was an electromagnetic device that he called “The Induction Balance.” Unfortunately it was very crude and hard to … Continued


You see someone standing quietly in the woods. He has binoculars around his neck, a small book in his hand, and a backpack on his back. As you approach, he signals to you with his raised hand to be quiet. … Continued