RV Tips: 5 Ways to Enjoy Cold Weather Camping

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t have to be something only to enjoy during the summer months. There are plenty of National Parks and campgrounds all over the country that allow camping into fall and winter. You can plan to go cold-weather camping this season, but before you do, make sure you take a look at these RV tips for five ways to enjoy cold-weather camping.

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Plan Your Destination

You should take the time to plan the destination of your camping trip ahead of time. You should research to find out which campgrounds and National Parks will be open and have the best sights to see while you are there. Get online and figure out which destination will be best for you and your family.

Book Ahead of Time

Planning ahead should be a goal for every camping trip that you take. You should call your campground well in advance to be sure you book the campsite that will best suit your family’s needs. Booking ahead of time will make a world of difference when it comes to how much you enjoy your cold weather camping trip.

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Make Sure Your RV Can Handle the Cold

Before you take to the cold to enjoy an outdoor adventure with your family, you should make sure your RV is prepped for the cold weather. There are many steps you can take to weatherproof your RV. Get insulation for your windows and under storage, stock space heaters, and ensure your water lines are ready for below-freezing temperatures. Ensure your RV can handle cold weather before heading out for a camping trip this season.

Pack Smart

Packing the right essentials is going to be imperative to the success of your cold-weather camping trip. You should make a list beforehand to make sure you don’t leave anything you might need behind. Make sure you pack enough warm clothing and blankets to keep you warm through the chilly nights. 


Bring Lots of Warm Drinks

Nothing is better than a warm drink to thaw you out after a cold day outside. Make sure you pack plenty of warm drinks to enjoy throughout your entire camping trip. Bring your favorite hot cocoas, coffees, and teas to help you enjoy every day of your cold-weather camping trip.
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