Top 10 Pet Travel Accessories!

paw prints and bull dog with head out car window

Traveling with pets can be a wildly fun experience! What’s better than hitting the trail, heading to the beach, or just relaxing with man’s best friend by your side? Travel itself can be stressful, so here is our list of top 10 pet travel accessories that will help to keep things organized for you and your furry friends!

1. Car Seat Covers And Car Barriers

seat covers for vehicles for pets

If you are traveling in a tow vehicle, a car seat cover is a great idea if you like to let your furry friends roam the back seat! These great covers usually attach to the headrests and help to keep hair off the seats! If you don’t want dogs on your seats, you can purchase a barrier, which separates the back of SUVs from the front of the vehicle, which gives your pup room to stretch out and is great if you can spare the space!

2. Medications And Stress Relief Products

stress relief for pets riding in vehicles

Traveling can be incredibly stressful on pets, even those who travel often! Pets can suffer from motion sickness and anxiety, but luckily medications and remedies exist to make trips easier on everyone! There are a plethora of stress relief product for pets out there, including medication. However, some pets resist taking pills, so look into great products like stress reducing collars, sprays, treats, and more!

3. Car Tote

Woman driving and car tote for pets

Traveling with pets requires that you have all the necessities close at hand to keep them comfortable! It can be a pain trying to dig out supplies when you’re all packed up and in mid-travel, so consider a handy car tote! These attach to your headrest and have space for everything you’ll need! They’re great for dogs, and usually have spaces for food, a water bottle, a leash, and waste bags!

4. Pet Tent And Portable Fence

happy dog in pet tent

Pets like camping too! These adorable (and literal) pup tents are great for small dogs, and even adventurous cats! These open-air tents keep your pet in a safe and comfortable space so they can enjoy the great outdoors! Portable fences are great too, although better suited for dogs! You’ll be happy that your pet has a safe and secure spot to run and play without having to stay restricted on a leash! It is a great idea, however, to make sure that your pet has a microchip insert, so in the event that they possibly get out of their enclosure, you can locate them easily!

5. Portable Water And Food Bowls

portable water and food bowls for pets

Portable water and food bowls are great as they are collapsible and take up less space during travel! These versatile accessories are also great if you plan to take your pup hiking, as they can fit easily in your pack! Some collapsible water bowl come attached to a matching water bottle for a convenient combo!

6. Life Jacket

lifejackets for pets

If you plan to hit the water while out on your travels, a life jacket for your pooch can be a great idea! While many dogs might enjoy a good swim, you’ll want to ensure that they don’t get overwhelmed in the water!

7. Disposable Litter Boxes

disposable litter box

Dogs aren’t the only pets on the road! Cats can make great travel companions as well, and require some special accommodations! Instead of struggling to haul around your bulky litter box from home, purchase some handy disposable litter boxes! They’re great for both use in the car and in your RV, and cleanup is as easy as throwing them away! Just be sure to NEVER flush litter in your RV toilet!

8. Bike Leash

bike leash for dogs

Many people enjoy bringing bikes along camping, but for anyone that has ever tried holding a leash while riding a bike knows that it can be a real pain at times! Bike leashes are a neat system that attaches a leash to the back of your bike so you can keep your hands free and your pup can still come along for the ride!

9. Cat Leash

cat leash

If you have an adventurous feline, consider purchasing a leash system so they can get out and explore their new surroundings! Cat harnesses are secure so that you cat can’t wriggle out and get away! Just be sure to prepare with flea and tick medication to keep those pests at bay!

10. Pet Stroller

pet stroller

If your pet enjoys being pampered, or you have an older pet that has decreased mobility, pet strollers are great for going on adventures with your furry friends! These are especially great for full-time RVers that may have the extra space! With these top 10 pet travel accessories, you and your furry friends can hit the road for fun adventures! What are your favorite pet travel accessories? Leave us a comment to share!

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